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You can download our media kit via the button below. This kit contains several variations of our logo and some WorkAt.Work related photos. These assets are free to use.

The following guidelines apply when using our logo:

  • The logo must not be distorted
  • No text may be placed over the logo
  • The logo may not be used as a watermark
  • The logo may not be used without the mention of “WorkAt.Work”

Additional information:

Media kit (.zip, ~12MB)

Press release

Want to work at the office? Fine, but reserve your desk first

Dutch startup launches a free platform to return to the office

ARNHEM (The Netherlands), 27 August 2020 - Last month, the free online platform WorkAt.Work was launched by the Dutch software company Peggir. With WorkAt.Work, employees reserve their workplace in the office in advance. The platform thus offers a responsible solution for working in the office again. But how does that work?

Employees choose their own desk, date and time and see where and when their colleagues work. This allows colleagues to take each other into account. During the day you can see how many current reservations there are and where your colleagues are working. This allows companies to accurately track office capacity and adhere to the social distancing protocols. “Because we want to help companies, many of which are currently struggling, we make the platform available for free. Our intention is to keep the platform free with the help of sponsors and voluntary donations.” said Nyef Kadir (24), student and founder of WorkAt.Work.

The idea for an online platform to help companies through the corona crisis arose at the end of May. That was when the number of new corona infections started to decline in The Netherlands. The platform was developed by the Dutch software company Peggir in collaboration with a number of local Dutch entrepreneurs. The platform will be further developed in the near future.

Organizations register via and immediately set up their own portal. WorkAt.Work is currently focusing on the Dutch market and also is seeking for sponsors. But the desire to expand WorkAt.Work internationally has already been expressed.