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Your workplace reservation platform. Work responsibly.

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Let employees make desk reservations

Make social distancing at the office easier. Employees can view per room what desks are available using a timeline and a schematic of the room. Employees can see which co-workers are working at which desk and when. Users can both make single desk reservations and recurring reservations on specified days of the week.

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Get insights and notifications

See how many people are currently at the office. Know instantly what reservations you have today. Get in-app notifications about your reservations.

Easy to set-up and manage

Simple to add multiple buildings, floors and rooms to your organization. Create your room lay-outs in minutes. Assigns admins and invite employees to your organization space.

Free WorkAt.Work is entirely free to use. We operate thanks to our sponsors and donors. Sponsors and contribute
Make desk reservations Let employees make desk reservations in advance. Employees can make single reservations or make them recurring on certain days of the week. This allows employees to take social distancing in account.
Capacity insights Get to see how many employees are currently working at the office. Know where and when your colleagues are working.
Admin rights Assign certain employees as admins in your organization space. Admin can manage your buildings, floors, rooms, desks and can remove or invite other employees.
Buildings, floors and rooms Process all your buildings, floors, rooms and desks in your WorkAt.Work space.
In-app notifications Get in-app notifications about your reservations. For example, directly see what reservations you have today or get notified when your reserved desk gets removed from the room.
Privacy-friendly We don't, and never will, share your data. We do everything we can to guarantee your privacy. How safe is my data?
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