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Our story

We provide a free platform for organizations to let employees reserve desks at the office.

WorkAt.Work is a Dutch (Arnhem, The Netherlands) initiative founded in June 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. As organizations struggled to get back to work, due to social distancing, we came up with a solution that may help your company.

At the beginning of the epidemic in The Netherlands, many organizations switched to working from home. As the epidemic subsided, the government relaxed some of the measurements. A lot of organization started shifting back to the office, allowing employees to be a couple of days a week to work at the office. And that's where WorkAt.Work chimes in! Using WorkAt.Work employees can reserve their desks in advance and can see what other desks are already reserved.

Integrity: We take the service we provide and our customers very serious. Customer privacy is one of our top priorities that's why we don't share your data. Everything stated on this page is meant from the bottom from our hearts.

Positivity: At WorkAt.Work we like to say that the glass is half full rather than half empty. By keeping our spirits up we try to solve problems.

Satisfaction: we work hard to satisfy all our customers. We take all of your feedback serious, and we continuously improve our platform. You are always free to contact us.

Collaboration: Without collaboration this platform wouldn't be possible. Thanks to your donations, our sponsors and sponsored services we are able to continue with WorkAt.Work. Thank you!

Why free?

During the COVID-19 epidemic in The Netherlands, the economy shrank. More companies than usual had filed for bankruptcy and a lot of businesses lost their income [1].

For us it didn't seem appropriate to then ask money for our service that could help out some of these organizations. That's why we made the choice to fully rely on donations and sponsors. We intent to keep this a free service forever, and you can help! Visit our sponsors page to find out how you can sponsor us or make donations.

What's next?

Currently, all basic functions have been developed and the platform is publicly available (beta version). But we are not done yet! On our road map we have a lot of more features to develop to enhance your WorkAt.Work experience, and we are going to upgrade our servers to give you a faster experience.

Got any feature requests or found any bugs? Please contact us to let us know, we'd appreciate it!