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Your workplace reservation platform. Work responsibly.

Use our platform to let your employees reserve their desks at the office. WorkAt.Work is both suitable for large as for small companies. It is easy to manage, get great insights and work responsibly by social distancing at work. Oh... And did we mention it is free?

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Register your company by simply filling in this form. After registering you will be redirected to your own private space. The unique url of your space will contain your company name. From there you can get started with WorkAt.Work!
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Let employees reserve desks

Employees can view your rooms and spaces and see at what times each desk is reserved and by whom. The layout view shows where each desk is located within the room. Making reservations can be done within seconds!

Incorporate multiple buildings, floors and rooms

WorkAt.Work is suitable for both small and large companies. You can incorporate multiple buildings and add floors and rooms to the building. This makes our platform very intuitive to use.

Dashboard with multiple buildings
Reserve your desk

Easy to manage, quick set-up

When you register your company, you automatically become the admin. As the admin you can invite your employees, manage your buildings, floors and rooms, assign more admins and more.

Everythings free!

WorkAt.Work is a free platform and it will stay free. Thanks to our sponsors and contributers we can continue to develop and maintain this platform. Learn more

Use on your devices

Access WorkAt.Work at home or on the go: it doesn't matter! It is optimized for all your devices, desktop, smartphone and tablet.


We do not share your company data with anyone. We work hard to keep your data safe and comply with all privacy laws.

Discover more features

WorkAt.Work has many more features. You can get in-app notifications, perform search queries to quickly reserve desks and more. Join now and discover it!

Thanks to our sponsors!

WorkAt.Work is a free platform. Thanks to our generous sponsors and contributors we can keep it that way. Learn more on why we keep it free.